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Character Name: Edward Elric
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Gender: male
Age & Canon Point:15, series ending after attempting to bring Al back to life
Requested Sponsor: Amethyst
History:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fullmetal_Alchemist (I’ll try to summarize some of it myself, but the history is such a BEAST, I thought I’d drop a link too.)
Edward's family consisted on his mother, father, and his little brother Alphonse. They were a normal family until Edward's father just left unexplained one day, seemingly abandoning his family. Their mother pined away for him until at last the grief combined with an illness she had been concealing ultimately lead to her death. Ever since then Edward has resented his father. He once commented bitterly that ‘ the bastard didn’t even come to her funeral.’ He and Al were all that remained of their family.

The two boys shared their father’s aptitude at alchemy and continued to study it after their mother passed away if not more diligently than ever before. They had a reason to. Human transmutation was the taboo among alchemy. However, if it could bring his mother back then Ed was willing to go that far - even despite Al’s misgivings. Besides, by accomplishing this feat he would do what his father had apparently failed at. And what was taboo but an excuse for the people who had tried before them to not admit to failure?
Despite the military's less than spotless reputation in some provinces, Ed quickly gained a reputation for being a fine example of the state's motto for their alchemists:'Be thou for the people.' In the town of Lior, he exposed a false prophet (though later this would prove to have disastrous results). In a mining town, he did away with a corrupt military official and returned the town to the people's ownership. He aided the police in catching a thief in another city. He saved a town from a so called zombie problem early on in his travels. No, Edward was clearly not one of those state alchemists just out for power and self gain. He actually used his alchemy to help people and that, perhaps more than his young age and maybe even more than his ability to do alchemy without circles, was why his name spread so far.

But on his journey he would uncover many unpleasant truths. About the stone. About what really happened during the war with Ishbaal....and the experiments that were done by the military. And not least, who was really pulling the strings in this country. (I’ll just let the wiki handle the rest unless you want me to expand.)

Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: Oh yes. Edward’s right arm and left leg were lost in an accident with some forbidden alchemy he performed as a child. They have been replaced by metal limbs called auto-mail. He can transmute the automail arm into a blade if he needs to. Besides being able to use alchemy with proficiency, Ed also was trained by his teacher to know some basic martial arts and defense, so he can hold his own in a fight.
Edward is an extrovert. He has no problem talking to people or saying what is on his mind. He has no problem letting corrupt people know that he's on to them or stating outright that the rules are stupid. He's butted heads with Mustang a few times over his outspokenness and stubbornness. He turned Lior upside down by exposing a fraudulent religious figure and in Euswell, he freed a mining town from the grip of a corrupt military official. He’s very protective of the people he cares for and will try to take care of them. His little brother is the most important person to him and he feels responsible for the condition they're both in now. You can say he's trying more for Al's sake than his own to get their bodies back to normal - it would be true. Possibly the reason he couldn't forgive his father for leaving was because he just doesn't understand how someone could abandon people they love.

He is also pretty left-brained and likes to rely on logic rather than faith. He was very skeptical about the priest in Lior from the beginning. He doesn't believe in miracles, he believes in science. He believes in alchemy and equivalent exchange. He told Rose that she should close her bible and open an alchemy book. Of course, toward the end of the series he's slightly less arrogant. After all he's seen with the gate and with the homunculi, he had to concede that there were just some things that there are no definite answers to. He didn't particularly like coming to that conclusion - Ed hates grey areas. He admitted to himself in the end as he was walking away from his father that he didn't want to stop believing in equivalent exchange - human beings need to believe in something. Even if it's a little something, it's something to hold on to.

If he has a weakness, Ed can be naive at times. He's a kid, despite his intelligence and tough exterior. The darker side of humanity he was exposed to in the military truly frightened him. He never did recover from not being able to save a little girl that was turned into a chimera by her own father. To cope with it, he can be sarcastic at times. He once commented that he was going to have to start carrying of the list of the people's ass's he needed to kick. But deep down, Ed is not nearly as detached as he’d like to believe.

Also? Never ever EVER imply that he is short. Even though it's true. He'll go off like a lit fuse. He's very touchy about the height thing.



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